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Yukon Wildlife Preserve Tour – August to April

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From Whitehorse drive approx. 30 km to the Wildlife Preserve. The Yukon Wildlife Preserve is an excellent guided tour and great opportunities to view and photograph wildlife in its natural habitat: Dall Sheep, Bighorn Sheep, Mountain Goat, Deer, Elk, Woodland Caribou, Wood Bison, Musk-Ox and Moose may be seen, usually up close! Enjoy the winter landscape.

NEW – Husky Rush Superlative

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Dog Sledding: Ride with an experienced dog musher and enjoy the ride on the sled pulled by a strong team of well-trained huskies. Experience the beautiful winter landscape from your sled.

Snow Shoeing: We try to walk like the old-timers and trappers do. You’ll find out soon that this mode of transportation is lots of fun – and hard work. So work up a sweat and go into the deep snow to break trail.

Interpretative: Learn about the Yukon Quest and all of its history. Visit a race Checkpoint and learn about dog sledding history and life as a musher. Then, step back in time – GOLD RUSH TIME – at our prospector cabin, weigh in your own “gold nugget” and find out if you’ve hit pay dirt.

Surprise Event: We will offer you other entertaining activities like snow tobogganing.

Daily from November 15th to April 15

For the period August 18 to November 14th (or when the snow level is not sufficient for snow-based tours): 
– Dog sledding: conducted with side-by-side. will be longer to compensate for tobogganing and snowshoeing.
– Includes extended kennel information

Ice Fishing And Snowshoeing

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After a short drive to a frozen lake we’ll show you how to walk on snowshoes. With our fishing equipment we’ll walk onto the ice of the lake where we’ll fish through a hole in the ice. With some luck we catch a Lake Trout or Grayling and pull it up through the hole.

Life In The Cold – Guided Hike With Nature Interpretation

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A two hour tour, Life in The Cold, walk through Yukon’s boreal forest takes you along a creek and to the banks of the Yukon River. While walking along the trail we may see some of the birds and animals that live here. Your guide will give you information about wintering strategies such as migration, hibernation and resistance in animals and plants that make the boreal forest their home.

Bring your winter cloth and your camera. You will have the opportunity to take your very special pictures of a frosty environment and an iced over creek!

Snowmobile Driving

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We drive you to the site and give you an introduction to the safety of driving a snow machine. After instructions and a trial run with your instructor you’ll be driving your own machine over prepared trails through the incredible winter landscape of the Yukon.

Dog Sledding

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Transfer by van to the dog kennel outside of Whitehorse. Here you’ll watch your guide harnessing your dogs and hitching them to the sled. The highlight of this excursion will be when you’ll run your own dog team for approximately 4-5 hours (2 hours for half day tour).

1 Night Aurora Borealis Viewing Tour

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To the north an eerie, sulphurous sheen begins to ripple into the night sky. It arcs itself into an ebb and flow, slowly growing, then suddenly bursts across the full expanse of the night sky waving and dancing as if it were happy. It’s the spectacular and mystical Northern Lights and viewings such as the one above are common in the Yukon.

Northern Lights viewing activities take place outside the city. A heated, cozy cabin or wall tent is available for your comfort. Hot drinks and snacks are provided.